Dabbling in Watercolor as a Beginner

The last part of March and early April was very hectic for me. I lost motivation to write because of many things happening in my life all at once. However, one thing I’ve enjoyed doing in spite of these stressful times is painting. I found that watercolor painting is the best stress reliever for me.

When I was young, I used to do watercolor paintings regularly. I recently started watercolor painting again after all these years. At the beginning of this journey, I bought these basic tools: journal style watercolor paper and a Koi watercolor set. I only used the one watercolor brush that came with the Koi watercolor set. I played around in my watercolor journal to get a feel for how to paint again.


Once I became comfortable with it, I went on Pinterest and looked at basic watercolor artwork that I could try to emulate to enhance my painting skills. I also watched some watercolor tutorial videos on YouTube. What I like about painting is there’s ultimately no right or wrong way to approach it. Nobody’s going to criticize your grammar. You can express yourself in more ways with painting than speaking.

Here are some paintings I did when beginning to paint again.

The greatest thing about starting to paint is, as you get comfortable with it, you begin to see the progress of your artwork. I think developing your skills regularly is the best feeling for any artist out there.

If you have a passion for art and a desire to paint, I think you’ll really enjoy the watercolor medium. Happy painting!


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