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Spiritual Prayer and Protection

I woke up today and received a message from God to write this message. Although I may not have the means to help the needy people right now, I hope this message will be helpful to someone who is in need of prayer or inspiration.

For those who are religious and believe in God, we all know that the enemy always attacks the mind first. It is not after your money or tangible things in your life. The enemy is fighting you over the things that you can’t see. It wants your heart, your peace, your faith, your dreams, and your mind. It knows that deep inside all of us we have light and love. It prevents us from our true potential to make a big difference in this world. So put on the full armor of God Ephesians 6:10-18.

No amount of money, medicine, food, nor exercise can deal with this so called ‘enemy’. It knows all our weaknesses and it knows how to trigger us. That’s why it is very important to be mindful. Mindful of how we speak, so we avoid saying something hurtful to others. Mindful of what foods we eat, for foods have dangerous chemicals that affect our mood and behavior. Mindful of the medicine we take, for it may affect our judgement. Mindful of exercise; for if it’s too much, it might lead us into vanity.

The armor of God

Put on the full armor of God by Rose Publishing

Just remember that God always sends angels to guard us in all our ways (Psalm 91). Below is a simple prayer that I’d like to share.

Dear God,

Surround me with your light. Enfold me with your love. Protect me with your power. Renew me with your strength. Inspire me with your beauty and watch over me.

Where ever I am, God is!












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