A Boy and His Dog

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon a Filipino documentary called I-Witness: “Dog Star”. It is about an out of work old man named Sergio and his two dogs Habagat and Bagwis, who performed tricks on the streets of Manila for money. The money he received from people and some television gigs was very helpful for his family’s survival. Sergio was happy to provide for his sons and his daughter. Unfortunately in 2012, his top performing dog died and so he had to discontinue the performances.

Since the documentary was almost three years ago, I wondered how life was going for their family these days. Fortunately, a woman named Dessa recently saw Sergio’s son Eddie and his dog performing tricks on the street. On Dessa’s Facebook page, she explained the reasons why the boy had to do this. She asked him about his parents and he said that he doesn’t have any contact with his mother and his father is very old. His father used to do the performances but because he’s too old, Eddie is continuing in his father’s place but with a new dog named Blackjack. Thankfully he is making enough money to pay for school.

A dog named Blackjack. Photo from Dessa Andres.

This story became a trending topic on Facebook particularly in the Filipino community. Due to the poverty in the Philippines, many people have to hustle in order to survive. Unfortunately, many young people like Eddie have to be self-sufficient to pay for their education. Eddie wishes to be a veterinarian someday.

Certainly, many people who have seen this story hope and pray for the well-being of Eddie and Blackjack. It is a great lesson that no matter how tough life can be, there are people like Eddie who are determined to persevere in order to reach their goal. May he fulfill his dreams someday and may this story become an inspiration to many more.


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