Your Spiritual Health is Just as Important as Your Physical Health

Image: Pixabay

Anyone can ask, how are you today or how are you feeling (physically)? But no one really asks how is your spiritual health today? Anyone who is a discerning person, no matter what your religion is will ask themselves, how healthy is my spirituality today?

There’s a bible verse from Ephesians 6:10-18 and it says, “Put on the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand your ground.” I didn’t really understand what this meant when I was younger. But due to many circumstances that happened to my life and my observations of other people’s lives, I do understand the deeper meaning behind this bible verse.

I watched one of TD Jakes’ video about ‘Overcoming the Enemy’ and I realized that everyone is vulnerable to a spiritual attack. For years, I always wonder why there are so many people who feel depressed or lonely even though there are people around them who loves them dearly. I also wonder why many rich people feel unsatisfied and are unable to be happy for what they have. But I now realized that these people are being attacked spiritually.

Jakes mentioned in his video that during the earlier times, the devil attack by using a man to crucify and enslave other people. However, in this day in age, the devil attack in a subtle way. Have you ever asked yourselves why there are so many people feel loneliness out of nowhere? Some people just randomly leave their spouse for no reason. There are some who just randomly rebel against their loved ones for no reason. You think these incidents happened out of nowhere but they are actually the new strategies that the devil use to attack mankind. The negative spirits use all types of fantasies and illusions to attack the minds and spirits of people so that these people do negative things to themselves or what they call self-inflicted wounds.

The reason why I’m bringing up spiritual health is because as a person who takes good care of myself physically, I realized that something needs to change within me. I value both my physical and spiritual health. I’ve been a spiritual person for several years now. I watched many videos about spirituality and motivational speakers. However, these things are not enough to satisfy my craving to be healthy spiritually. I need to understand how deep is my understanding of my spirituality and how could I defeat the negative energies or negative spiritual attack against me.

Certainly, the teachings of TD Jakes about ‘Overcoming the Enemy’ has taught me many things regarding spiritual warfare. I realized that in order to become spiritually healthy, I have to wear the full armor of God to protect me from head to toes against the negative spirits or negative energy. I have the passion to write this message because I know someone out there is hurting deep inside and they don’t know what to do. But I pray that you would see this message in hopes that you may get enlightened and remember that there are good forces that are for you and could help you.



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