Cats, Dogs and Halloween

Today is Halloween and I’ve noticed that cats are typically depicted as evil and creepy creatures during this holiday. Fortunately, most cats are actually nice and enjoyable to be around. My cat Moonchie is a great example of this. I know cats can be difficult but I think dogs are more challenging. Cats are more independent and self-sufficient, unlike dogs who can be very needy at times. I’ve owned dogs too so this is not about one being better than the other. I love them both, it’s just that dogs are too high maintenance for my current living situation.

Anyway, about my cat: He’s a nine year old Himalayan and he loves to lay around the house. He spends an excessive amount of time sleeping and occasionally gets up to eat or go to the bathroom. He’s not completely inactive though. He has some really crazy spells that usually occur between 11 pm to 3 am. During this time, he runs around the house really fast, meows louder, and plays with his toys. Especially his favorite toy which is a mouse that squeaks (don’t worry it’s not a real mouse).

Since it’s getting cold outside, I noticed that he likes to sleep on my chair and not on the floor. So, I decided to browse online for cat beds. I was reluctant to buy one at first because he would rather lay inside a box than a pet bed. Thankfully, I found the perfect cat bed for him (Armarkat Cat Bed with Flower Pattern, Beige). He prefers it much more than my chair and it’s likely you’ll find him there throughout the day.

If you want to give your cat a great gift, this cat bed will be a great investment for them. Although he hasn’t completely left my chair alone, at least now I can sit in it 95% of the time, instead of 50%.



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