Random Thoughts

How writing helped me grieve

Ever since I was young, I’ve been writing science fiction stories but never wanted to finish them for fear of being ridiculed. It all started when I was 11 yrs old. Every time I felt upset, I would go to my room and grab a pen and a paper and just write fairy tale stories. The majority of these stories always had the same theme: how to escape and free myself from the villain.

I’ve always had an inkling to write and express myself, but because I came from another country, I’ve been worried that my grammar is not good enough. Due to being a perfectionist, I even stopped myself from writing a journal because I would over think my grammar.

Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away and the pain could no longer be barred inside my head and my chest. I had to release my feelings through writing and it motivated me to write a science fiction novel, “Forever Alice”.





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